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We can assist or completely take over any of our areas of expertise:

Employee Relations

Addressing any number of issues such as performance, attendance, or a mistake that put your business in hot water- we can help you navigate these unpleasant and tricky conversations to address previous missteps and set a clear expectation going forward.

Workplace Culture

Why do the same issues keep coming up? How did this lackadaisical attitude spread from the new guy to the rest of the team? For better or worse you have already created a workplace culture for your business. It's hard to exactly identify or put into words but the symptoms of a poor culture are staring you right in the face. We can help improve your culture into a place where people love to work and you can be the leader you always wanted to be.


A business achieves the exact results it is set up to achieve, and that comes from the top down. You may have raw leadership talent but it's time to take that potential and put it into action with a management style that inspires your employees to be their best and love their job. A strong leader can overcome anything the business may face- staffing issues, financial constraints, business headwinds. We show you how to most effectively lead your team and navigate any type of issue to come out even stronger on the other side.

Policies and Procedures

Tesla's infamous employee "anti- handbook handbook" certainly sparked curiosity but most of what it contained was just patronizing and more anti-employee. It even had a section labeled "stupid stuff"... Your team thrives on clear, fair guidelines that are applied to everyone equally and luckily these are very simple to establish and adhere to. We help you create meaningful policies and procedures for your business which allow you to treat all your employees fairly and firmly. This is one of the easiest ways you can proactively prevent issues to save yourself the time and headache.

Dos and Don'ts for Managers

You and your team of managers are extremely business competent, but when it gets into the area of people you're a little unsure. What can I ask in an interview? How can I investigate this situation without betraying someone's confidentiality? What do I say when my employee shares their medical issues with me? We provide resources and train your managers through all the HR areas of management to help them successfully navigate those tricky gray areas.

Employee Retention

The job market is hotter than ever and even at the best places to work turnover is extremely high. When HR issues are not handled properly it can be hard for you to retain quality employees as employees are less likely to stay at a job that does not take initiative when it comes to HR. We help by not only taking care of your people and showing that you care but also ensuring you are providing a workplace your team can be proud of.

Hiring and Firing

Or to put it more euphemistic we can call it onboarding and offboarding. Are you having trouble finding qualified candidates to hire? We can help you through the entire process of finding someone and getting them onboard to ensure you receive successful candidates who will be a positive addition to your business (not that last guy you had to fire after a week).

And speaking of him, letting someone go can be the most stressful situation for a manager, it's never going to end well, right? We can help to make that as painless as possible, or even prevent it in the first place! The other side of offboarding is losing someone who has a ton of unique knowledge that this place will never be the same without. We can help facilitate the knowledge transfer to ensure your business doesn't skip a beat.

SC Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program provides tax credits for businesses each time they hire a new, eligible employee. The program is simple. Businesses make the hiring decision and complete minimal paperwork to apply for the credit. With absolutely no limit on the number of qualified hires your business can claim, you may receive a maximum credit anywhere from $1,200 to $9,600 for each one of your eligible employees.


Is it time to start providing an insurance plan for your business? Do your employees (or yourself) need help understanding or choosing the best insurance plan for their family? The world of benefits is extremely confusing and complex at first glance. We can help you select and implement any number of insurance plans for your business (medical, short term disability, pet insurance, etc.) or act as a guide and answer questions for your employees as they select an individual plan.