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Foothills HR, an HR consulting partner for your business

Based in Greenville, serving the upstate

Foothills HR is a dedicated partner committed to helping with the most important part of your business - your people.

We work with you in whatever involvement you're looking for, anywhere from completely taking HR off your plate or providing you with the tools and resources to form your own solutions - all at the right price for your business.

Why do I need HR support when everything is going fine?

Most small businesses don't consider hiring a full time HR position until it's too late. Although HR functions such as associate relations, recruiting, and safety can be handled by a manager, in a growing business you may be the only manager or even if you have a management team they are busy with their operational activities and can't give HR the time it needs. When you're focused on a fast growing business, the critical activities for laying the groundwork where you can build success for your employees is often overlooked. Even if you do have the need for HR hiring someone full time or retaining a full service consulting firm may be overkill or not within your budget. Even if you choose not to maintain an HR staff your company must have some semblance of structure or organization that comes from either having HR on staff or retaining an HR expert to handle strategic and functional HR tasks. That's where we come in. Your people are the lifeblood of your business and we provide these essential HR services in just the right amount.

How will your service help my bottom line?

A recent ADP study indicated that most small businesses in the US handle HR functions through employees who manage it on a ad-hoc basis in addition to their primary job which takes significant time away from their core responsibilities and most do not prefer this being added to their work. Without realizing it this becomes the culprit for performance issues, job dissatisfaction, harassment, discrimination and poor productivity which only adds on to your cost.

With our initial consultation and plan proposal we evaluate and prioritize which of our services will most effectively meet your needs so that you can choose what will fit best with your budget. On top of our affordable hourly rates, our services will reduce the preventable business costs you inherit be it from events such as losing an essential worker, hiring someone who you waste time training and have to replace in a month, or even something as impactful as events leading up to an ADA or wrongful termination lawsuit.

What makes you different? What can I expect while working together?

There are many different ways to approach HR. You have probably heard stories or perhaps you yourself have a negative view of HR being something you only have to deal with when you're in trouble or getting fired. Unfortunately that is how most businesses utilize HR and it's an ineffective and wasteful approach. The best performing organizations treat HR as a business partner with a seat at the table.

At Foothills HR we take a comprehensive approach of fairness and firmness. A previous colleague once illustrated the two different HR "styles" as either yellow (I'll bend the rules and make special accommodations for everyone, they all have good intentions so I'll do anything to make them happy) or blue (our policies and procedures are in place to treat everyone fairly and equally. People feel they are treated most fairly when they are held to the same expectations as everyone else, no exceptions). Neither of these styles are necessarily good or bad but you can see how adhering to only one ideal can have it's weak spots.

We believe in starting on the right foot where your policies and procedures, and your expectations for all your people are fair and equal. Everyone knows what is required of them and are on the same page. This goes a long way in preventing issues from arising in the future but unfortunately they are almost guaranteed to come up, no matter what you do. If and when this occurs we take a firm yet considerate approach in ensuring your associate knows they are held to the same expectations as the rest of the team, but also exploring what is preventing them from meeting expectations and why this is happening in order to show that you care and create an environment or provide resources for them to perform most optimally.

So you can help me solve problems but how does that prepare me for something else coming up in the future?

Behind the scenes we are partnering with you and any other leaders in your organization to discuss your vision for the team. What kind of culture do you want to build? What do you see happening in your ideal work environment? Culture can be nebulous but it all starts with a great leader, and that's you! We provide the resources to cultivate your leadership skills and help you create a work environment built on trust, collaboration, and accountability.

Those end results sound great but how do I even get started? That all seems overwhelming!

Luckily, that's what we're here for. We guide you every step of the way to produce these results for your own team and suddenly you'll find yourself surrounded with people who are passionate about their job, committed to your vision, and producing results you never though possible.