HR consulting for your small business or non-profit organization

What can we do for your small business or organization?

The world of HR can be menacing. The thought of having to talk about performance or attendance issues with your best friend who has been with your business from the beginning makes your stomach drop.

You have enough on your plate already. Take the stress and uncertainty out of HR by partnering with an experienced consultant. We can advise you on all of our offered services at a low or pro-bono rate.

You've created your business and maintained your success, let us take care of your people

A recent ADP study indicated that most small businesses in the US handle HR functions through employees who manage it on an ad-hoc basis in addition to their primary job which takes significant time away from their core responsibilities and most do not prefer this being added to their work. Without realizing it, this becomes the culprit for performance issues, job dissatisfaction, harassment, discrimination and poor productivity which only adds to your cost...

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